#FSTM2012 Forest School Tweet Meet

After a wonderful inaugral FSTM last year...FSTM2012 is announced!

It's all very simple, very casual, very funny, very enriching and very interconnected.

What is a forest school tweet meet?

It's a gathering: a simple gathering of forest school folk - a meeting of forest school tweeps that tweet-
(and their partners and families if you want to include them), playing and laughing together, sharing experiences, skills and ideas. Cooking together, learning from each other in a very relaxed way.. no fixed programme as such, no workshops, but all of us bring something to the party...a game, a skill, an interest that we would be willing to share with others. So for example, felt making, foraging, plant ID, campfire baking... that sort of thing, and if you want to join in then fine, and if you don't but would rather go for a walk in the woods, or sit by the fire and whittle, that's also fine :)

So here's what you need  if you want to come:

You need to be a forest school leader or training to be one. (or a writer or chainsaw artist or painter and also personally known to me...or I simply like the idea of you being there.)
You need to be on twitter and using the #forestschool hash
You let me know on twitter that you'd like to come by telling me using #fstm2012...I'm @scholaforis on twitter and it would be nice if you followed me :)

If you are not on twitter.....erm, well you can come anyway! (be replying to this post)... but I do suggest you join twitter...it can be a great place for learning, airing and sharing.... which is exactly what this meet up is about.... and having a laugh.

To be honest, you won't find a better gathering for forest school tweeps anywhere in the whole wide world, that weekend!

So, if you think you might want to be part of it, these are the details:

Dates :
From 6.00pm Friday 18th May to 3.00pm Sunday 20th May. (come at any time and stay as long as you want)

Wacky Woods, Styperson Quarry Wood, Brookledge Lane, Adlington, Macclesfield Cheshire (no postcode) and there is a map on the Wacky Woods website  here.

What to bring:
Your own sleeping accommodation (small tent, basha or bivi), sleeping gear, usual wild camping stuff, including water  - though I can keep topping up from home...(where I keep the hot water and the shower:).

Your own food or a contribution to communal meals..more details to follow.. We'll have a vote on what to eat then we can be reasonably sure of eating something not too very random...though I remember last years randomness as being perfectly edible!

Suitable outdoor clothing...and something mud proof. Mud is our speciality at Wacky Woods.

A musical instrument...or you can make one over the weekend. Adam will be delighted to assist with Kazoos.. he likes Kazoos, he's made a lot of them!

Your inner child and your sense of humour are mandatory.

A hangover cure might be useful for some:) A "lie-in" is acceptable.

Some forest school tools might be useful...just in case you are moved to create something, or I figure we might usefully do some light woodland management ... and there will be firewood to cut. Some people like BIG fires

Crockery and cutlery...named- unless they are so unusual there is no chance that someone else will have the same. ( Sorry, that sounds a bit like guide camp!)

Bunting is good, a torch is useful, and toilet paper an advantage (we have a camping loo)

Basically, just prepare as if you were going wild camping for 1 or 2 sleeps. However, that said, should you want to bring everything for a glamping weekend, please do - but please note we have no electricity and my dog, and the deer don't really like the sound of generators.

If you have a GPS device and want to geo-cache (or learn how to) we have a few caches in the woods so bring a hand held with you.

That's about it really... Any questions, just ask me or ask on twitter #fstm2012

How much is it you ask?

Well actually it's free.....but should you like to make a £5 contribution per person that would be very welcome.... we could have been running Wacky Woods Birthday parties instead, you see and there a children to be fed and holidays to be bought  :-o)  and you could like our facebook pages, that would be a small price to pay!

So if you want to come... let me know:

phone/text : 079 314151 26
email:         alex@scholaforis.co.uk
twitter:       @scholaforis
Facebook:  wackywoods       scholaforis       goingAWOL

Looking forward to it!
Warm wishes


  1. yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  2. We'll be there (and are just as excited as Lily!)

  3. oh this sounds so good.... If I start planning now I maybe able to come and play!

  4. Lily, Corinne... so looking forward to you being here with us.
    Jo... start planning... you would be so much more than welcome.... Would love you to come, especially if you plan on sharing stories..Very especially if you plan on telling some :)
    Best wishes

  5. Wish I could come - too far away :-(

  6. Niki... I guess! but given that forest school (bush school) is about to start in Australia, it won't be that long before you have your own #fstm !

  7. Count me in my lovely!! Will bring drums and something creative to do :) maybe spoon whittling! x <3 x winnie x

    1. ooooo i might even have my new teardrop trailer by then........wishes very hard!!!!! xxxxx :)