Thursday, 14 October 2010

This time of year.

The heron was by the river yesterday and the buzzards up above, in glorious sunshine against a backdrop of stunning blue sky, and there was a soft rustle of dry leaves gently floating to the grassy hillside next to my cottage. A beautiful autumnal day bursting with warmth and energy.

Today is very different, low cloud, grey sky with a little drizzle... my beautiful village and surrounding hills have been somewhat subdued. Noise has been blanketed by the cloud and it has been quiet.

The difference in our daily weather does really affect our mood, and I don't know why this should not be so. If we are attuned to our natural world, it makes sense for our own state to someway mirror what is going on around us... so for instance, yesterday I had bags of energy, did loads of stuff, was sociable, on the ball. Today I am more reflective and I suppose one of the reasons I decided to start blogging. I may not have much to say often, and therefore will often remain silent. When I do decide to write it will because what I' m writing is important to me or I want to share something.

The point of this reflection, (being an outdoorsy bod and an advocate of learning outside, outdoor play and a passionate believer in just "being" outside- preferably amongst trees), is that whilst we are all held within the confines of offices, indoor classrooms and homes, we lose the ability, not just to engage with nature, but also to lose the enrichment afforded by succumbing to the various mood facets that our local environment can draw from us if we let it.

We are lucky in England to have such a rich variety of weather, we should therefore consider ourselves equally fortunate to have such a potentially rich variety of approaches to our daily lives, unenforced and at one with our local space.

Go outside....feel the breeze against your skin, feel the sun in your eyes or feel the rain on your face. Tomorrow we have wind forecast...I expect I'll be bustling along all the day!


  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! And what a delightful post - couldn't agree more.


  2. Hi Alex

    Just found your blog via Kindling! Once you're into the swing of it all, let me know and I'll publicise.

    Take care