Saturday, 19 March 2011

The delights of Spring and the warmth it brings.

I love this time of year -  Spring!

I write this on the eve of the spring equinox - when our day and night is equal and when the long awaited prospect of longer days starts to become a reality. Traditionally this is the optimum day on which to prepare the earth for new seasons plantings - see The Great Big Earth Dig for more details of a great project in South West London where they will be kicking off the new seasons growth with a wonderful Community Initiative.

There is a warmth in the sun today which is being much enjoyed by the earth and the greenery sprouting: Wild strawberries are in leaf, areas smell of wild garlic coming through and the nettle tips are all ready for adding to the soup and bright green dandelion leaves begging to be tossed into a salad. The upper branches in my wood are bright with budding leaves.Tonight, if the sky stays bright, there will be the presence of  a super moon - where the moon is extremely close to our planet and will look bigger and brighter than it has for many a year. I hope you are able to see it.

Today is also exciting for me, because our new flyer for Wacky Woods is hot off the press. Wonderful activities are planned with the children in the woods over the Easter School Holidays. I share it with you here.

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